pregnant 9 weeks : complete info , symptoms and development

In the ninth week of your pregnancy, the fetus is as big as grapes. At this time, you need to know what types of food you need to avoid and what you should consume. Find out more here.

pregnant 9  weeks

Embryo growth

The fetal length of the mother at the age of 9 weeks now reaches 2 cm, or is as big as grapes. His arms and legs are growing rapidly and ready to move. The root of the tooth begins to develop and the ear has formed. The membranes on his fingers have begun to disappear, the eyelids have formed even though they cannot be opened. Now the fetus has begun to actively rotate the head, move the toes and close and open the mouth.

Understand Mother's Body

Mothers may not look like pregnant women even though the waist area is getting bigger. Knowing the types of food you need to avoid during pregnancy is just as important as paying attention to the healthy foods you should consume. What foods should be avoided?

 Foods that can cause poisoning and disease:

  • Half-cooked eggs or raw eggs or foods made from eggs (such as mousse, ice cream and mayonnaise)
  • Meat, chicken or half-cooked or raw fish
  • Raw fish or meat mixed in food such as sushi, steak tartar and smoked salmon
  • Foods that contain dangerous elements:

Unpasteurized milk, cheese or yogurt, soft cheeses such as brie, camembert, ricotta or blue veined cheese. Ordinary cheddar cheese or cottage cheese doesn't matter as long as it's made from pasteurized milk - check the label.
Pâté or liver - This type of food may contain too much vitamin A and can harm your baby's mother. This type of food is also at risk of containing germs.
Do you know?

9th week may be too early to do pregnancy exercises. But if you want to join a certain class on a certain schedule, there's no harm in ordering a place in advance. Consult a doctor, about classes that should be followed.

In the development of the 9 weeks fetus, the size of the fetus is about the size of a grape, weighing around 28 grams and about 2.54 cm long.

The baby's tail has shrunk and almost disappeared this week. However, the baby's head continues to grow and is large enough compared to other parts of the baby's body. In the development of the 9 weeks fetus, your baby's head weighs about 3 grams. The nose has also developed and can be seen on ultrasound, the skin in the eye begins to form the eyelids. You can see clearer eyelids when ultrasound in a few weeks.

The baby's digestive system continues to develop, the intestines grow longer and form anus gradually. In addition, the reproductive organs (testicles or ovaries) will begin to form this week.

Because the muscles have grown, the first few movements can occur this week. However, you cannot feel these movements directly through the abdomen, but can only be seen during ultrasound.

What are the changes in the body of a pregnant woman on week 9?
When blood flow in the body continues to increase, you may experience dizziness, frequent urination, swelling of blood vessels in the hands and feet, or nosebleeds.

Bleeding can occur in the first three months of pregnancy, and is not necessarily alarming. However, this can also be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Then immediately consult a doctor if you experience bleeding that is considered unnatural.

Maintain a pregnancy that runs 9 weeks

In the development of the 9 week fetus, your stomach may not be too big. However, if you work and your body has begun to show clear signs of pregnancy, you should immediately notify your boss, co-worker, or team at the office.

Some companies may ease the workload of their employees during pregnancy. Discuss with your boss or boss about changes in work rhythm during your pregnancy.

What do I need to discuss with the doctor in the 9th week?

Some women may experience migraine attacks more often during pregnancy. Researchers still don't know why this can happen. If you have a history of migraines, consult your doctor about migraine medications that are safe to consume during pregnancy.

If you know the cause of your migraine, try to avoid the trigger factors. Stress, chocolate, cheese and coffee are the most common causes of migraines.

Tests that may be needed at 9 weeks' gestation

Bacterial vaginosis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the growth of excess bacteria that live in several small channels in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis may not show any symptoms. However, if the symptoms appear, it is usually a fishy odor (this smell usually appears after sex) or a little foam coming out of the vagina.

You can also experience irritation or itching around the vagina and vulva, even though at least half of women are bacTerial vaginosis does not have any symptoms. Bacterial vaginosis increases the risk of premature birth and premature rupture of the membranes. So if you have symptoms of vaginal infections or the risk of preterm birth, tell your doctor to be tested and treated with antibiotics.

Health & Safety

What do I need to know to maintain health and safety during pregnancy?
Some of the things you should know to support the development of a 9-week pregnancy include:

1. Use of spray for ants and cockroaches

Most ant and cockroach sprays are often considered unsafe because they contain dangerous pesticides and chemicals. Even so, scientists have not found strong enough evidence regarding the side effects that might be caused by the use of ant spray and cockroaches.

In general, there is little information about insect medicines currently being sold. As a precautionary measure, try to avoid any substances that contain dangerous chemicals.

2. Herbal tea

There is not enough evidence to suggest that drinking herbal tea is not safe for pregnant women. Even so, you should avoid tea that has pharmacological effects (which affect your body). You should also avoid tea which can stimulate uterine or menstrual contractions, such as black cohosh or green tea.


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