pregnant 21 weeks : complete info , symptoms and development

During the development of the fetus for 21 weeks of pregnancy, it is likely that your baby is about the size of a carrot. Your fetus may also have a length of about 26.7 cm from head to heel and weigh around 340 grams.

pregnant 21  weeks

When entering the development period of the fetus 21 weeks, it can be seen that the small intestine can absorb a small amount of liquid sugar and enter through the cernanya system. Even so, it is indeed most nutrients and food that the fetus can enter through the placenta.

During the development of the fetus at 21 weeks gestation, the baby's liver and spleen are responsible for the production of blood cells. The bone marrow is also capable enough to form blood cells.

Later, the fetal pancreatic organs stop producing blood cells in the 30th week of pregnancy and the liver stops producing blood cells a few weeks before birth.

In this 21st week's pregnancy, Mother will find that:

  • Your little one's eyelids and eyebrows have developed perfectly, allowing him to blink.
  • In this 21st week of pregnancy, your child's sleep rhythm is similar to a newborn baby, which is 12-14 hours per day.
  • Your fetus's sense of taste is perfect, allowing him to feel various flavors based on what you eat and what goes into the amniotic fluid.
  • The movement of the little one that just feels like a vibration, this week Mother will feel more movement.
  • The bone marrow, liver and spleen of the fetus have started working.
  • If the baby is a mother of a woman, now she has a stock of eggs in her womb for a lifetime.

21 weeks of fetal development; Symptoms of Pregnancy

Stretchmarks start to appear because the Mother's skin is stretching and thinning. This process will cause itching, but don't worry, stretch marks can be prevented and controlled.
Acne during pregnancy will also appear, due to increased oil production on the skin.
The mother will see bluish veins around her hands and feet, which are the forerunners of varicose veins. As the pregnancy develops, the pressure in the blood vessels at the Mother's foot will also increase and higher levels of progesterone will cause the vein wall to relax, giving rise to the conditions mentioned above.

What are the changes in the body of a pregnant woman at week 21?

During the 21 weeks development of the fetus, pregnant women may still feel comfortable with a stomach that has not been too large. It's good to enjoy these pregnancy periods by doing balanced activities and breaks. In addition, for some pregnant women during the 21st week of pregnancy, acne problems may arise.

Acne appears to be caused by hormones that increase oil production in the body. If that happens, you must selectively choose acne treatment. Also make sure to use moisturizers and acne medications that are safe for the womb. Don't use oral acne medications because some drugs are very dangerous during pregnancy. Don't also use acne products without consulting a doctor first.

In the development of the fetus 21 weeks of pregnancy, you may also be susceptible to varicose veins. Gradually, the fetus will develop and increase the pressure in your leg's veins. In addition, higher amounts of the hormone progesterone than usual will also cause blood vessels to weaken.

In addition, varicose veins tend to be worse when you experience consecutive pregnancies and at the age of 30-40 years. To help prevent or reduce varicose veins, you have to exercise every day, support your legs more often, sleep on your side, and use support equipment for the legs of pregnant women.

You are also at risk of having spider veins, which are small groups of blood vessels near the surface of the skin that are clearly visible, especially in the ankles or face. Small spider-shaped vessels such as rays originating from the sun or tree branches, or as a small group of blood branching and not having a particular shape. Even though it may be a little unsightly, spider veins do not cause pain or anything and usually disappear after giving birth.

What should I pay attention to?

In the development of the fetus at 21 weeks of gestation, maybe you can do some activities such as pregnancy exercises with your partner. Follow pregnancy classes that can provide additional information for the delivery period in the coming months. Ask for your partner's support and presence while undergoing pregnancy activities.

 What should I discuss with the doctor?

Even though it's still a few months before you give birth, your breasts have begun to prepare breast milk. Therefore, when this gestational age, it may be that the milk ducts in the breast are blocked and cause symptoms such as hard lumps, redness, and softness when the chest is touched.

However, don't worry first, this is quite common in the early days of pregnancy, especially after pregnancy enter the 6th month and after the pregnancy ends.

Use warm compresses and gentle massage to clean the milk ducts. Some experts suggest that avoiding a bra can also help, but make sure you wear a bra that can support your breasts.

Remember that a monthly breast examination must still be done when you are pregnant. Although tumor testing will be more complicated because of changes in the breast during pregnancy, this test is still very important. Tell your doctor if you find a lump in your breast.

What tests should I know?

During the development of the fetus 21 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will examine the following:

  • measure maternal weight and blood pressure
  • check urine for glucose (blood sugar) and protein
  • check fetal heart rate
  • measure the size of the uterus with external palpation (touching from the outside) to see how it correlates with the date of birth
  • lower position height (in uterus)
  • check the swelling of the hands and feet, check for varicose veins in the legs.
  • your symptoms, especially abnormal symptoms.


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