Pregnancy Development on Week 5

How is the development of the fetus 5 weeks of my pregnancy?

In the development of the fetus 5 weeks, your baby is as big as sesame seeds. Up to this stage of development, the fetus contains a large number of cells. At this time, the neural tube will form a spinal cord that stretches along the embryo and forms the brain, the center of the embryo in the embryo will develop into the heart of your baby. Then the placenta and other membranes begin to form and develop, for example fingers. Nutrition from the mother will cross the placenta and membrane to feed the baby in the womb.

Pregnancy Development on Week 5

Changes in the Body

What are the changes in the body of a pregnant woman on week 5?

Have you ever felt so happy for a moment then immediately felt very depressed? Unusual or up and down moods often occur during pregnancy. You can feel happy, upset, happy, or even not confident. Sometimes all kinds of emotions can occur in just a few moments.

At this stage of fetal development 5 weeks, your hormones will rise dramatically so that your changing emotions are very normal. Even in this period, you are in pregnancy, which is a big turning point in your life, so your mood is not stable.

Erratic moods most often occur in the second month of pregnancy, and sometimes this phenomenon will return in the final months before giving birth.

You may also be surprised to learn that around 10-12 percent of women will suffer from depression during pregnancy, almost the same as the proportion of women with postpartum depression. If you feel pressured for more than two weeks, see a doctor for advice and treatment.

What do I need to pay attention to?

At this stage of fetal development 5 weeks, you might be wondering whether pregnant women are allowed to exercise. Mild exercise is good for increasing energy and endurance. There are many benefits of exercising during pregnancy, namely:

  • help you lose excess weight during pregnancy
  • prevent pain and pain during pregnancy
  • relieve stress, thus preventing anxiety and depression
  • strengthen core muscles so that your body is ready to give birth
  • Some mild exercises, such as walking, swimming, or yoga, are good for you. You have to determine which one is right for you and make it a daily routine. Always discuss with your doctor to approve each new exercise routine.

Visit to Doctor / Midwife

What do I need to discuss with the doctor on week 5?

In the development of the fetus 5 weeks, you should check your health regularly. Caring for pregnancy is very important to ensure the health of the mother and baby. During the first visit (usually when the baby is around eight weeks old), you will take a number of tests to ensure and prevent complications. Your first priority is to determine the date and make an appointment with a doctor.

Consult with your doctor about the medicines you are using. Too many drugs, although the drug is considered very safe and without prescription, it is still not safe for pregnant women. If you use drugs for chronic diseases, you don't have to stop immediately. Ask your doctor which medication is safe and unsafe for pregnancy, including food supplements and herbs you consume.

What tests should I know?

You will undergo a physical test when visiting a doctor such as weighing your weight, height, blood pressure, and overall health. Pelvic examination is an important part of the examination process.

During a vaginal examination, the doctor will use a device called a clamp speculum. This device allows the doctor to clearly see the cervix and the opening of the uterus and confirm the changes. Thus, he can confirm the time of your pregnancy.


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