16 weeks pregnant : complete info , symptoms and development

During the 16th week of pregnancy, the fetus is as big as an avocado. At present, Mother starts craving food, up to certain items. Find out more here.

Embryo growth

At the 16th week, the length of the fetus is about 11 cm, like an avocado. The fetus is also able to move its head, swim in amniotic fluid, and move 40 sets of muscles. In addition, he can form facial expressions and already has nails on all his fingers and toes.

Even though both eyes are still closed, the fetus can feel the light source. If the mother directs the flashlight to the mother's stomach, the fetus will likely move away from the direction of the light source.
16 weeks pregnant

In the development of this 16-week fetus, you will find that:

  • The baby is busy to strengthen his muscles, especially the muscles in his back and face.
  • The little one can frown and or squint.
  • The eyelids in the baby can now detect light.
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes have grown perfectly this week.
  • With small bones growing in your baby's ears, the sign is that his hearing begins to develop.

Symptoms of pregnancy

You might start to feel your little one move - but only a little, because his movements are still very soft.
Mother's lungs start to get depressed with fetal development, so you will have a little difficulty breathing.
With the uterus pressing on the intestine, you may feel constipation.
The good news for this week of pregnancy is that Mother's hair and nails begin to grow quickly. The hair might look and feel more sparkling than before, and you might start to show 'aura of pregnancy' that is often talked about by everyone.

Care for pregnancy

With extra pressure on your back and pelvic muscles, you may want to do exercises to strengthen it.
Mother must continue to maintain food with good nutrition and not give up on all unhealthy 'cravings'.
The mother may experience dry and itchy skin, so use a moisturizer to avoid scratches that will cause scars.

What are the changes in the body of a pregnant woman on week 16?

In the development of the fetus at the age of 16 weeks of pregnancy, you can also feel your little one's kick. Yes, when you feel there is an upheaval in the stomach, that means the person is kicking in your stomach.

Most mothers will feel this sign between the 16th week and the 20th week of pregnancy. But don't imagine a strong kick from a little angel inside you!

The baby's first kick is usually very weak, maybe you will even mistakenly think that it is a sign of digestive problems, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

Maintain a pregnancy that runs 16 weeks

In the development of the fetus aged 16 weeks of pregnancy, sometimes you may feel a little gasping. Don't worry, shortness of breath is a very common phenomenon and many pregnant women experience it in the second trimester of pregnancy.

The cause of dyspnea or difficulty breathing is pregnancy hormones in your body. This hormone stimulates the respiratory center, causing the frequency and depth of your breath to increase. As a result, you may experience difficulty breathing even if you only do simple activities like bathing.

Pregnancy hormones also make the capillaries in the body including the respiratory system become swollen, making your breathing more difficult. Another cause of the phenomenon of breathing difficulties during pregnancy is that as the size of the fetus increases, it becomes larger. Yes, as the fetus grows older, your uterus will push the diaphragm up to close the lungs, so that your lungs will be difficult to fully expand when you breathe.

What do I need to discuss with the doctor on week 16?

If you visit a doctor and find that there is sugar in your urine, don't be worried first. Your body is doing something important, which is to ensure that your baby gets enough glucose sugar.

Because the baby depends entirely on you to get the necessary nutrients. So the hormone insulin will adjust blood sugar levels and ensure that your body has enough blood sugar levels in the body.

However, sometimes the body misjudges the blood sugar levels needed, so eventually the excess sugar in the blood. Finally, sugar will be released in the urine. Therefore, sugar in urine is quite common, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy.

For the best results, consult your doctor and ask for advice to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about the condition.

Tests that may be needed to support the development of the fetus 16 weeks of pregnancy

Between the 16th and 18th weeks of pregnancy, your doctor may take a test to measure alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) levels, namely proteins produced by the fetus, HCG pregnancy hormones, and estriol in maternal blood. In addition, doctors it will also measure inhibin-A levels in your body.

If you have done a blood test and / or ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy, the results of these tests will help you to find out if your baby is at risk for neural tube defects, such as spina bifida or chromosomal aberrations such as Down syndrome.

You must understand that if your test results are abnormal, it does not mean that the fetus has a problem. However, this means you need to do a more complete test to ensure your own health. Talk to your doctor to find out about the risks and benefits of undergoing this test to support the development of the fetus 16 weeks of pregnancy.


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