15 weeks pregnant : complete info , symptoms and development

During the 15th week of pregnancy, the length of the fetus is around 10 cm. At present, you can have a fever because your immune system is adjusting to your little one. Find out more here.

Embryo growth

When your belly gets bigger, the length of the mother's fetus increases to around 10 cm. His bones began to harden and fine hairs (lanugo) began to appear on his skin. The expression on his face starts to differ because his facial muscles have developed and the eyebrows begin to form. He has increasingly looked like a baby.

 The fetus also starts busy sucking and removing amniotic fluid which functions to help the development of her lungs. His legs have grown longer than his arms. He also has been able to move the joint bone.

15 weeks pregnant

How is the development of my fetus 15 weeks pregnant?

During the development of the fetus 15 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is as big as an apple, weighing about 75 grams and a length of 10 cm from head to toe. On this 15th week, the skin of the fetus will continue to thicken, but still thin and the blood vessels still look glazed. The hair and brows of the womb will continue to grow.

In addition, your baby's skeletal system continues to grow. Your baby's muscles grow continuously and the baby may be able to do a lot of movement on the head, mouth, hands, wrists, hands, feet and surroundings. Where this movement can be felt by pregnant women.

What are the changes in the body of a pregnant woman on week 15?

During the 15-week development of the fetus, pregnant women are generally difficult to wear jeans due to an enlarged stomach. Most pregnant women also do not believe that their body shape changes.

Pregnant women need not panic. Feeling shocked or unable to accept the fact that your body's shape changes is normal. Mood will cause your emotional ups and downs suddenly.

Pregnancy hormones in the body are the cause of this phenomenon. Try to avoid things that can cause you stress and recognize your mood changes if you feel you've changed the scene. Keep in mind that this change only lasts a short time until the baby is born.

What do I need to pay attention to?

During the 15-week development of the fetus, pregnant women may worry about fluctuating and unpredictable emotions. Here are some emotions that you might feel, namely:

Mood changes: including feeling uncomfortable. Pregnant women can also cry for no reason.
Happy or anxious when you finally begin to really feel that you are pregnant.
Stress and fatigue when pregnant women no longer wear the usual clothes, but the stomach is still not large enough to wear maternity clothes.
It's hard to concentrate. Pregnant women become easily drowsy, forgetful, tend to drop items often, and have difficulty concentrating.

What do I need to discuss with the doctor on week 15?

Many parents have allergies, and this allergy can be passed on to a baby who is conceived, but it may not.

However, babies will not necessarily experience allergies like their parents' genes. Some studies show that mothers with allergies or eating foods with a high risk of allergies (such as nuts and dairy products) while breastfeeding can make their children allergic to the type of food they eat.

If you do have certain allergies, please ask your doctor directly about food restrictions when you are pregnant.

What tests do I need to know?

At the age of 15 weeks of fetal development, the doctor will monitor the development of the baby, confirm your delivery date, and consider if there are problems with your health.

The doctor will also measure your uterus to determine the age of the baby. To find the beginning of the uterus, the doctor can gently touch your stomach, ring and measure from that point and then descend along the front of the pubic bone.


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