Symptoms of a 7-week pregnancy and development of the fetus should be known

In the development of a 7-week fetus, your baby is as big as a green apple seed and doubled the length of last week, which is 1.27cm.

In symptoms of a 7-week pregnancy, your baby is struggling to adapt to life in the womb. In this week, the placenta that connects you to your baby during pregnancy has been formed. This arid will provide oxygen, nutrients, and sewage for babies. In addition, the baby's lungs and digestive system are slowly forming.

Symptoms of a 7-week pregnancy

You might be looking forward to seeing your baby's face when he is born. This moment is still a long time ago. However, at this time the baby's face is in the process of being formed. The contours of the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and several other features on the baby's face will begin to form this week.

Also in this 7-week fetal development, the baby's arms will begin to form and will look like small oars.

What are the changes in the body of a pregnant woman in the 7th week?
Pregnancy will change your cervix. During this week, your uterus will continue to grow and the amniotic plug will form. This stopper functions to protect your uterus and controls the opening / opening of the uterus. Stoppers will continue until your cervix is ​​open and you are preparing to give birth.

Maintain a pregnancy that runs 7 weeks
If you have been pregnant before, your stomach may be bigger than your previous pregnancy, and pregnancy symptoms will also appear earlier in this pregnancy. This is called the warming effect.

Simply put, just as a rubber ball will be easier to blow it becomes bigger after the second or third time. Likewise with your stomach. The uterus will be more easily stretched and enlarged if you have ever been pregnant. Your stomach muscles and ligaments have stretched before, so this time it's easier to do it again.

However, an enlarged uterus in a short period of time can cause symptoms such as a depressed pelvis and back pain, which will begin to be felt since the beginning of pregnancy than during the first pregnancy.

What do I need to discuss with the doctor in the 7th week?
Ask your doctor, when is the best time for you to announce to friends and family that you are pregnant. There are many factors to consider.

Your health condition and your baby's development may determine when you can share this good news with everyone.


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