11 weeks pregnant : complete info , symptoms and development

In the eleventh week of your pregnancy, the length of the fetus has reached about 4 cm and is almost completely formed. At present, you may experience constipation and heartburn. Find out more here.

Embryo growth

Now, the length of the fetus in your womb has reached about 4 cm and is almost completely formed. His brain, lungs, liver and kidneys have all been formed. He was able to suck, swallow and even yawn.

11 weeks pregnant

The fetus is also able to 'inhale' amniotic fluid and urinate. His hands were also immediately able to open, clench and hold. Do not be surprised if he often kicks and straightens his body, even though it has not felt the movement in the mother's stomach.

11 weeks of fetal development: How big is your baby?

In this week's pregnancy guide, you will know that:

  • Small tooth buds have begun to appear under your baby's gums.
  • His ears are increasingly formed and even "move" to the sides of his head.
  • His legs began to move, but Mother could not feel the kick until another month or two.
  • Your baby has begun to inhale and exhale the amniotic fluid, which helps his lungs to grow and develop.
  • The size of his head is not proportional compared to his body today. But slowly but surely, the development of the proportion of his body will continue in the following weeks and your baby will increasingly look like a tiny human.
  • From the 11th to 20th week, half of the pregnancy's journey, your baby will grow to three times as long and its weight will also increase by 30 times!

11 weeks of fetal development: Symptoms of pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting will begin to diminish (or can still continue).
Mother will still experience headaches, migraines, mood swings, which are accompanied by fatigue, stress, and emotional changes. All of this takes time to improve. The good news is, Mother will feel more relieved in the second trimester, soon!

Some mothers may feel their breasts feel full and the areola darkens. Don't worry, this is normal. Your body is preparing for the baby's presence.

11 weeks of fetal development: Treatment of pregnancy

Although it is important to keep an active lifestyle, unless the doctor recommends otherwise, there are several types of activities that should be avoided, for example some housework. Now is the best time to get Dad to help. (This could be the best news for Mother!)

Some Mothers may feel bad in the first trimester, but be patient, Mother. You almost finished the first trimester. Mother can make yourself feel better by pampering yourself with a manicure and pedicure. Do treatment at home so you don't need to breathe chemicals in the salon or cut your hair to make it feel fresher.

There are a number of things you can do during pregnancy (acupuncture, massage, hair coloring, waxing). However, some parents recommend not doing it. Actually everything depends on Mother, provided you use a product that is quite safe. For this reason, products that are free of chemicals are the best to use.

Things you should do

Down syndrome screening test can be done between the ages of 11-14 weeks. The obstetrician will provide information if Mother needs additional tests to check the health of the fetus in the womb.


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