9 facts about symptoms of a 7-week pregnancy and fetal development

pregnancies that have reached the age of 7 weeks make the mothers have to prepare several things for the benefit of the development and growth of the fetus in the womb. Some psychological and physical changes to your body will also occur. A 7-week fetus is still very vulnerable so you must really understand and understand what you have to do. Like consuming nutritious foods and keep the body in top condition so that the fetus in the womb is also healthy. Here are facts about a 7-week fetus that you should know:

7-week pregnancy

1. Fetal Arm and Legs Have Been Formed

Accompanied by the growth and development of a 7-week fetus that began rapidly, the growth of body movements also began to follow. The shape of the arms and legs has begun to be seen in this 7th week. Although the size is still very small, the fetus experiences high growth of around 1.25 cm. This tiny fetus sometimes moves but has not stabilized its movements. Its movement signifies growth in the body of the fetus, yet means that the fetus begins to move.

2. Fetal Heart Starts to Function

Unlike the vital organs that are still formed, but liver function in the fetus 7 weeks has begun to work pumping red blood cells. The red blood cells pumped by the liver flow in large numbers until the spinal cord is formed which later functions as the second vital organ after the brain. The number of red blood cells in the fetus 7 weeks also functions for some growth in the body of the fetus itself.

3. Digestive System Forms

In addition to several vital organs that begin to grow such as the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys, the 7-week-old fetus has formed its digestive system. This digestive system is fairly small and can be seen transparently if you can see it. The importance of development and growth when the digestive system is formed must be supported by good food intake by the mother. Eat chicken fish, eggs, and liver to be able to provide protein intake for body development in the fetus.

4. Genitals Start Forming

During the 7th week of pregnancy the genitals of the fetus begin to form. This growth will be very fast every second until perfect genitals are formed. Through ultrasound you cannot see the fetal genitals, of course, because they are so small that they are difficult to see. In the 5th month of pregnancy, you can already know the sex of your baby, so be patient!

5.Rahim Mother Begins to Grow

Unlike the size of the uterus in the previous weeks, the size of the mother's uterus has begun to grow as large as a melon. This has resulted in a physical change in the abdomen of the mother clearly this week. The development of the uterus will later be useful for the growth and development of the fetus which will grow faster and faster. Enlargement of the uterus results in an easy feeling of fatigue and lethargy in the mother. For that, during the seventh week of pregnancy you need to take a lot of rest.

6. Mother Is Still Often Emotional
Those of you who are in your 7th week of pregnancy will often feel emotional and rise quickly with trivial mistakes. This is natural because the womb is starting to develop and you are not familiar with the situation. Not to mention this is caused by the release of some hormones during pregnancy which will have an impact on psychological changes and also the physical changes of the mother. So if you have a partner who is in the seventh week of pregnancy, you should be more patient in handling and helping your partner.

7. Beware of Nausea and Excessive Bleeding

Some people may feel troubled by the symptoms of nausea during the 7th week of pregnancy. This is considered a common symptom that occurs at the age of 7 weeks. But need to be aware if nausea and vomiting occur excessively so that makes you feel very weak. Consult your doctor so that you are given a prescription that can reduce your nausea. Also be aware of excessive bleeding in the female area.

8. The Head of the Fetus Has Been Obviously Bowed

At the age of pregnancy entering the 7th week the head of the fetus is very clear. The head of the fetus will look down and be seen in a liquid that is amniotic water. Amniotic water will help the growth of the fetus in the womb. Baby's skin still looks very thin and transparent so that the brain and digestion can still be clearly seen from the outside. But the shape of the nostrils, eyes and ears on the head begins to clearly show its shape.

9. Fetus Begins to Connect with Placenta

The specialty of the development of a 7-week fetus is the beginning of a solid connection between the fetus and the placenta. The placenta is a group of tissues formed into one. The placenta, or commonly referred to as water, is an organ that protects the survival of the fetus. One of the tasks of the placenta is to block microorganisms and harmful intruding chemicals from approaching the fetus. Because of its important role and always keeping the fetus together, the placenta is also referred to as the sister of your fetus.

That's the fact about the 7 weeks fetus that you must know. Some information about the 7-week fetus can be an illustration for you to prepare for your pregnancy into the 7th week. You must maintain your health and psychological condition. Hopefully this article can be useful to provide information about the development and growth of your fetus when entering the 7th week.


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