10 weeks pregnant : Complete tips and symptoms

In the tenth week of your pregnancy, the fetus is 3 cm long and weighs approximately 1 ounce. Now, you can do light exercise like swimming and walking.
Embryo growth
Entering the age of 10 weeks, the fetus in the mother's womb reaches 3 cm long and weighs approximately one ounce. Do not be surprised if the head looks very large, because the brain develops faster than other body parts.

Fetus Mother even starts to sleep, wakes up and trains her muscles. The fetus is also able to bend the arms and spine to appear transparent behind the skin. The toes that start to separate, move more actively.

10 weeks pregnant

In the early trimester of pregnancy (0-12 weeks) your stomach does not appear to be a cit even though the size of your uterus is 2 x bigger than before it was pregnant or as big as an orange. Now, maybe you can start wearing more loose clothes for comfort.
Mothers can also do various activities such as swimming and walking for light exercise. Exercise helps train the muscles, strength, and endurance of the mother who can help her withstand the heavy burden that continues to increase during pregnancy. Sports can also help mothers to resist physical stress during childbirth.
Like when you plan a pregnancy, keep living a healthy lifestyle by eating balanced nutritious foods. Don't forget to consume iron-rich foods as one of the important nutrients to prevent anemia. Iron helps bring oxygen into red blood cells so that you are not easily tired and pale.

If necessary, the doctor will give you an iron supplement.
Do you know?
Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. So be sure to take vitamin C in addition to iron. It's easy, drink a glass of orange juice with cereal or whole wheat bread at breakfast or eat fresh fruit after lunch or dinner.

How is the development of the fetus 10 weeks into my pregnancy?

In the development of a 10-week fetus, the size of the child is as big as a longan with a weight of about 7 grams and a length from head to foot shorter than 2.54 cm.
This week, all organs are formed and start working. The fingers and toes have begun to form. In addition, the tooth buds gradually form in the mouth. If your child is a boy, his testicles will also begin to produce a little testosterone.
Fortunately, disability hardly grows when the fetus develops 10 weeks. This also marks the end of the embryonic period. The embryo now has a human form and next week it can officially be called a fetus.

What are the changes in the body of the mother in the 10th week of pregnancy?
Before you get pregnant, your uterus is the size of a small pear, then in the development of a 10-week baby, your uterus will be as big as grapefruit. You might consider starting to wear maternity clothes now. The reason is, you will feel that ordinary clothes look uncomfortable and narrow.
In addition, your breasts also tend to be bigger so that you will tighten your bra. If you are confused between wearing old clothes or maternity clothes, pants and skirts with elastic material will be the right choice for your convenience.
Maintain a pregnancy that lasts 10 weeks
Increasing weight during pregnancy is normal. However, how ideally does your weight increase during pregnancy? To find out the answer, please consult an obstetrician. Your doctor will help determine your weight to improve your health and your pregnancy status.

What do I need to discuss with the doctor in the 10th week of pregnancy?

In the development of the fetus 10 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor can find out whether you have twins or not by listening to your stomach's heartbeat. If there are two separate heartbeats, chances are that you are pregnant with twins.
However, this is not an accurate diagnosis because the fetal heart rate can be heard in several locations. To establish a diagnosis, doctors usually use ultrasound. In most cases (except for rare cases like the fetus that lie behind another fetus so that the camera cannot observe), the results of an ultrasound diagnosis are usually correct regarding whether you have a twin pregnancy or not.
Tests that may be needed at 10 weeks' gestation
Depending on your specific needs and the style of the doctor's examination, the doctor will carry out the following checks:
• Measure body weight and blood pressure
• Check urine for glucose and protein levels
• Check the fetal heart rate
• Measure the size of the uterus by feeling the outside to see the correlation of this size with the date you give birth
• Position of the uterus
• Check for swelling of the hands and feet, check varicose veins in the legs

What do I need to know to maintain health and safety during pregnancy?

For women, pregnancy that is safe for their babies is always the most important priority. Be careful when using drugs and avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking because they can have a negative impact on you and your baby. In addition, you also have to be careful when having sex during pregnancy.
If your pregnancy develops normally, you can get sex as often as you want. Although safe, usually hormonal turmoil, fatigue, and nausea will eliminate your passion. Even if you have sex during pregnancy, you should also be careful when doing it. Your doctor may advise you to avoid sex if:
• You have a risk of preterm birth
• You have vaginal bleeding that has no known cause
• Leaking amniotic fluid
• Your cervix has begun to open
In the tenth week, if the sex of the prospective baby is a woman, then it will be identified. Muscle and nerve systems (which are often written nerves) are also mature.

Prospective babies also have been able to do a reflex system because the nerves are starting to perfect. That is why, at the tenth week of pregnancy, he sometimes feels the little one kicking and kicking.

The prospective baby da has increased in size, if yesterday was like a cherry and now it has grown bigger it resembles the fruit of kumquat (a type of orange, slightly oval shaped). The fetus is 3 cm long and weighs 3.9 grams.

Nerve cells (which are often written nerves) that will form the brain are located along the corridor that has been arranged glial cells (adhesives). Glial cells allow nerve cells to move towards each other, fall and become active. At the womb of the tenth week, the reflex that the fetus can do is respond to touch even though he has not been able to feel every movement.

Then, the baby's bones will begin to harden and the kidneys will now produce urine. The most impressive thing at this stage is that the fetal brain develops at an incredible speed where nearly 250,000 neurons are formed every minute.

Your baby's candidate is still so small that he has plenty of room to move and drain warm and protective amniotic fluid. At this gestational age, the head of the fetus also does not appear bigger than its body.

If this week you do an ultrasound, the results will show that a separate yolk sac and umbilical cord from the placenta to the baby will be seen. The intestine of the fetus is still part of the umbilical cord, but slowly the intestine starts to enter the stomach and will soon be covered by the skin.

The tenth week of pregnancy may not make your stomach look big and prominent. But, there's nothing wrong with starting this week to go to the mall to shop for clothes that are more lax because in the following weeks your stomach will expand and need more loose clothes.


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